100 Rare “Greyson Chance” Facts [English Version]

Image1.) He was born Greyson Michael Chance.
2.) He was born Saturday, August 16th, 1997
3.) Greyson was born in Kell West Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas in Room 205, 2nd floor.
4.) When he was 4, he moved to Edmond, Oklahoma.
5.) Greyson was bullied in school.
6.) Greyson attended Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma.
7.) He has a close group of 4 friends.
8.) Greyson currently lives in Edmond, but has an apartment in LA.
9.) His favorite place to travel is France.
10.) Greyson’s favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.
11.) His favorite school subject is Math.
12.) Greyson’s favorite historical figure is Ben Franklin.
13.) On tour with Cody Simpson during the “Waiting 4U” tour, he had a mini fridge full of Lunchables.
14.) His choir teacher didn’t originally want him to sing “Paparazzi”, he had to talk her into it.
15.) Greyson’s favorite colors are blue and black.
16.) He goes to his sister, Alexa, for lyric help.
17.) Greyson is a huge Harry Potter geek.
18.) He hopes to star on Glee one day (he even had his character written out)
19.) Greyson’s favorite place to shop is H&M
20.) He is flattered to be compared to Justin Bieber.
21.) While on tour, he loves to pull pranks.
22.) If he wasn’t a musician, he would want to be a photographer or be on the Food Network.
23.) He loves Converse.
24.) Greyson has had his first kiss.
25.) The weirdest thing he has ever signed for a fan was a retainer case.
26.) Greyson profers “Enchancers” over “Greysonators” and believes there is a war between them.
27.) His favorite movie is (500) Days Of Summer.
28.) Greyson played soccer for 8 years.
29.) His jersey number was #11.
30.) He uses Herbal Essence shampoo.
31.) Greyson is very shy.
32.) Christmas is his favorite holiday.
33.) His favorite fast-food resteraunt is Burgar King.
34.) Greyson considers all his fans his “girlfriends”
35.) He claims the food in England “sucks”
36.) When he uploaded his cover of “Paparazzi” he never intended on getting famous.
37.) The flight to the Ellen Show for the first time was his first flight, and he was very scared.
38.) His first earthquake was on July 8th, 2010.
39.) Greyson had a mutt dog named Macy, but sadly, she died while he was on tour.
40.) He likes to stalk through his fans Twitter accounts.
41.) Greyson is Catholic.
42.) He would love to work with Taylor Swift.
43.) His album ‘Hold On ‘Til The Night” was released August 2nd, 2011.
44.) His ex-girlfriends name is Lauren Westphlaten.
45.) Greyson loves when his fans go crazy and scream.
46.) He had a snow cone named “Greyson Michael Chance” after him at Bahama Ice in Edmond.
47.) He hates scary things.
48.) If he could learn any instrument, he would learn the bass.
49.) His favorite band is Coldplay.
50.) 30% of his iPod is Taylor Swift songs.
51.) His favorite fruits are apples.
52.) Greyson and Cody have a “secret handshake”
53.) He doesn’t like a girl hwo is lathered in make-up.
54.) Honesty is the number one thing he looks for in a girl.
55.) Greyson’s twitter account was originally “greyson97” before changing it to “GreysonChance”
56.) Before he goes on stage and performs, he prays with his band.
57.) His favorite shows are “The Office” and “Glee”
58.) Greyson has guest starred on “Raising Hope” as ‘Young Jimmy’
59.) Once, he visited an orphanage in Asia and gave them all lollipops.
60.) He hates when girls lie.
61.) Greyson started playing piano at the age of 8.
62.) Greyson’s favorite song to perform live is “Unfriend You”
63.) Greyson’s favorite song off of “Hold On ‘Til The Night” is “Cheyenne”
64.) He collects Harry Potter wands.
65.) He is excited for “The Hunger Games”
66.) Greyson loves Mexican and Italian food.
67.) Sometimes, if his parents aren’t home, he will watch “Jersey Shore”
68.) Greyson was the first person to be signed to Ellen Degeneres record label “eleveneleven”
69.) His favorite Journey songs are “Don’t Stop Believing” and Faithfully”.
70.) If he could be any animal in the world, he would be a bird.
71.) Greyson’s favorite tech toy is an iPhone.
72.) He has his own apps on his iPod.
73.) Greyson cannot be disturbed while playing Angry Birds.
74.) He would date an older women.
75.) He likes to run his songs by his mom.
76.) Greyson is a picky eater.
77.) He perfers pancakes over waffles.
78.) Greyson designs his pianos because he doesn’t like plain ones.
79.) In the video for ‘Waiting Outside The Lines’ the girls were fans waiting outside.
80.) He has 3 cats; Smokey, Oreo, and Rachel.
81.) Greyson is addicted to strawberry cupcakes.
82.) He loves the show “Hoarders”
83.) Greyson has met Justin Bieber.
84.) Greyson loves vinyl stuff.
85.) He collects records.
86.) Once, a fan tried to follow him into the bathroom.
87.) Another time a fan bit him, but claimed he was flattered because a “fan wanted to bite his flesh”
88.) He only wears black and white bracelets.
89.) Greyson’s bad at walking.
90.) His favorite Beatles member is Paul.
91.) Greyson’s favorite dirty song lyric is Ke$ha’s “Everybody’s getting crunk, boy’s trying to touch my junk” from her song ‘Tik Tok”
92.) He performed his cover of “Paparazzi” at Hillside West Church in Edmond.
93.) Greyson is not a morning person.
94.) His favorite radio DJ is Ryan Seacrest.
95.) He has a celebrity crush on Diana Agron.
96.) Greyson dyed his hair “to make him look more like a rockstar”
97.) He would like to get into acting.
98.) His favorite poem is “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.
99.) Greyson’s least favorite subject in school is Science.
100.) Greyson calls his fans “Sweetie” or “Sweetheart”


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